Kasim & Babu - Guest Book - Jim Griffin

Dear Wonderful Teacher/ Master Kasim,

It has slowly, and then rapidly dawned on me that you are my Guru for life that is, if you will have me the music is one thing- However, I only hope someday I can simply walk across the floor with 1/200th the dignity, grace and inner awareness you show. All my life it seems that I've been reading books on India trying to figure out what was I supposed to do in this short lifetime before I fell back into the Samsara world of birth and death all the old books used to say, "When the student is ready, the Guru will appear". You certainly appeared, told me things, showed me things- I am still ringing inside. Mahesh Madhani, my old friend once told me I had a good soul- you did as well he told me that perhaps I was an Indian musician in a former life. It is time I awakened to my own usefulness as a musician to help heal the world as you do through your incredible performances.

The concert almost destroyed my mind. I can hardly talk about it yet when I left, I went outside and fell of the curb- visibly shaken as they say I was holding the speaker stand- it broke all to pieces. I turned and fell on my back- I didn't get hurt. That stand breaking was a symbol of casting off my old broken life, and starting out fresh again with real love and purpose.

I am going to light candles, burn incense and pray to your photo from past concert poster that is now hanging on my wall. I feel completely severed from your grace, and have never wanted to be around anyone so much when I arrived home, I tried to sleep that night I kept waking and seeing your face... I have only read stories like that now it is happening to me.

I will keep you in my heart and mind from now on I have read that the Master and student can always be with one another even if they are thousands of miles apart. I will practice Nadaswaram until my fingers fall off or my lungs explode. One step at a time.

Tommy and I tried to keep up with the tala, and with you and your wonderful brother's flying fingers. I have never in my life heard so much passion come out of three men on stage! Honestly, I just kept getting lost. I don't know anything else to say.

Your friend forever,
Jim Griffin